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How to look after your submersible sump pump this winter

It’s that time of year when electro-mechanical equipment needs particular care and attention, and submersible sump pumps are no exception. Here are a few quick tips for successful sump pump care during the cold winter months.

Check discharge hose

The discharge hose should slope at a sufficient gradient to ensure that water can drain away completely. Water that sits in the discharge line may freeze and cause the pipe to burst. Even more seriously, if the discharge hose blocks completely, the pump will deadhead - trying to move water out even though it has nowhere to go. This will result in premature failure as the electric motor burns out.

Get some distance

If water is pumped out and runs straight back into the sump, you’re making the pump work hard to needlessly re-circulate it. Ensure your discharge hose is long enough that the water is completely removed.

Be sure the pump is upright

Normal mechanical vibrations can cause a pump to fall or lean over to one side. This can suppress the float and prevent the pump from activating when it needs to.

If you have a faulty submersible pump, Gibbons offer repairs and overhaul from our Essex workshop, with free collection and delivery within a 50-mile radius. If your equipment’s beyond repair then we also have a range of submersible pumps available in stock for next-day UK and Europe mainland delivery. For more information, call Matthew Gibbons on 07970 676272 or email

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