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Taking the risk out of HVAC refurbishment

There’s been some discussion in the HVAC trade this week that a number of large construction companies may currently consider refurbishment projects as risky and are instead focusing their attentions on new builds. This is largely down to the recent economic recovery which has led to an increase in the number of new projects. Developers can afford to be much more selective than they could even 12 months ago and those lacking confidence in refurbishment rightly choose not to take chances.

Sure, HVAC may only be a part of an overall building refurbishment, but here at Gibbons we know that a properly-managed HVAC refurbishment and upgrade programme can be the most cost-effective solution. Having your air handling units, fans, electric motors and pumps refurbished or upgraded rather than replaced reduces your carbon footprint while helping you avoid the inconvenience of having a completely new system installed. You can also ensure all new plant satisfies the most recent energy efficiency legislation.

Gibbons have vast experience of AHU, fan and pump refurbishment and upgrade, building kit-form AHUs, fans, kit-form cooling and heating coils along with lift and shift of HVAC equipment. Here’s a taste of what else we can offer:

  • Overhaul of worn fan or AHU components
  • Replacement of heating and cooling coils, heat recovery devices and filtration
  • Treatment of internal and external AHU surfaces
  • Restoration of the physical operation of the plant using validations, checks and maintenance
  • Replacement of individual components with modern energy-efficient equipment.

We approach every project in the same professional manner and our meticulous planning includes full site surveys, risk assessments and method statements specific to each job. In addition, our ISO 14001 environmental management accreditation is your assurance that we will remove and recycle waste materials safely and responsibly.

So if you're in need of an experienced HVAC refurbishment partner, call Andrew Knight on 07850 204915 or email

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