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Who benefits from variable-speed drives?

Variable-speed drives have long been accepted as the best method for electric motor speed control, solving problems in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. We take a look at three individuals whose lives are made easy by these clever devices.

Financial controllers

Financial controllers face ongoing pressure to maintain a healthy bottom line whilst complying with increasingly stringent energy-efficiency legislation. Variable-speed drives not only allow energy bills and maintenance costs to be significantly reduced, they also offer an impressive return on investment. VSDs also count towards qualification for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) whilst contributing to Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) obligations.

Facilities managers

In such a busy and varied role, anything that makes life easier for the FM is an asset. Gaining control of the performance of motor-driven equipment, such as HVAC systems, ticks two important boxes for FMs - the comfort and wellbeing of building occupants and reduced running costs.

Maintenance engineers

VSDs can help maintenance engineers focus more time and energy on other areas. That’s because accurate speed control means wear and tear on electric motors, pumps and fans is significantly reduced, allowing bearings and other components to be replaced less often.

Gibbons, as an ABB Authorised Value Provider, have access to a global network of products and expertise for variable-speed drives. We have ABB drives available directly from stock for next-day mainland UK and Europe delivery. For more information, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email

Variable-Speed Drives

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