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Why the ABB ACS880 keypad makes life easier for you

We’re often told by our customers that one of the things they like most about our range of ABB drives is the user-friendly keypad supplied. These units are well-known for allowing intuitive access to the drive parameters and featuring soft keys ideal for gloved hands.

Users will be delighted to know that ABB have further enhanced the user experience with the interface for their next-generation ACS880 variable-speed drives. The ACS880 keypad boasts the following features:

Left and right keys

Previous keypads only included up and down keys, and the simple addition of left and right buttons now allows users to edit numbers digit by digit, and words character by character. Moving through the assistants is easier than ever and editing parameters and text values is quick and simple.

Adjustable contrast

The high-resolution screen means users shouldn’t need to strain to read it, no matter how poorly lit the control room is. This not only makes life easier for them, it reduces the risk of errors. The ACS880 screen also features adjustable contrast, allowing users to choose between white text on black and black text on white among others.

Familiar technology

The ACS880 keypad supports graphics and icons, meaning smartphone users will be instantly familiar with its multiple display screens and transitions.

Tailor made

Start-up images and parameter favourites can be set to personalise the keypad, whether it’s for customers or OEMs.

These are just a handful of the benefits you’ll enjoy from an ACS880 keypad, so to find out more about these state-of-the-art devices and the drives themselves, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email

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  • Date: 10 September 2016 ranjith
    Can you plz help me where can i find acs880 drive running hours in assistant panel? There is only in seconds but no hours...
  • Date: 17 March 2018 Neville Houston
    How do i backup parameters to the new ACS880keypad. Also how do i restore parameters from the keypad to the drive.

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