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What should I do with my IE2 electric motors?

You may be aware that on 1 January, the latest stage of the EU MEPS electric motor regulations came into effect, meaning 7.5 – 375 kW motors placed on the market must be rated at IE3 efficiency (or IE2 if fitted with a variable-speed drive). It’s now a week since the deadline passed, and we’ve had lots of clients asking us whether IE2 motors can still be used. As there still seems to be some confusion, we’ll try and clear things up.

If you have IE2 motors installed as part of a motor-driven application

Existing IE2 electric motors installed before 1 January 2015 can continue to be used without making any changes. In this case, a variable-speed drive does not need to be coupled with the motor.

If you have IE2 motors purchased by 31 December 2014 in stock

Motors bought prior to the New Year’s Day deadline can be used to power motor-driven equipment without the need for a variable-speed drive. You’re also entitled to purchase a pre-2015 IE2 motor and put it into service without a variable-speed drive – simply check the rating plate for the date of manufacture.

If you need to replace an IE2 motor

When a motor fails and you find that ordering a replacement is more economical than rewinding it, there are two options. You can either buy an IE3 motor or use an IE2 machine manufactured after 1 January 2015 coupled with a variable-speed drive.

We’re here to help you with IE3 compliance, and as well as providing technical expertise we stock ABB motors alongside our own energy-efficient range. Alternatively, if you have a non-compliant IE2 motor and require a variable-speed drive in order to comply with EU MEPS, give Drives Manager Alan Roberts a call on 07966468430 or email

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