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5 reasons marine electric motors must be kept shipshape

The sea is a harsh environment, so electric motors intended for use in marine environments face a number of hazards that must be avoided. Here we take a look at five of them:

Vibration caused by a ship’s huge engines can damage a poorly-seated motor, so mountings must be able to withstand this force and keep the motor stable.

Seawater is the most obvious threat to an electric motor used aboard a ship, as it can penetrate the casing and cause severe damage. Waterproofing is therefore a must.

Salt is present in both seawater and sea air, so an epoxy coating should be applied to protect against corrosion.

Oil has a tendency to leak from a motor as the ship naturally sways and rolls, so grease is usually the better lubrication option.

Explosions within a ship’s boiler room can cause catastrophic damage to motors situated there, which is why they should be protected in accordance with ATEX.

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