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What is EN 50598?

While the new EU MEPS electric motor efficiency standards were being prepared prior to their introduction on 1 January 2015, another regulation – EN 50598 – was released. But what is EN 50598, and how does it affect users of electric motors and variable-speed drives?

What is EN 50598?

EN 50598 was introduced in December 2014 and is a three-part European energy-related product standard. The new regulations concentrate on complete motor-related systems rather than individual components. The three parts of EN 50598 are as follows:

  • EN 50598-1 covers ‘general requirements for setting energy efficiency standards for power driven equipment using the extended product approach (EPA) and semi-analytic model (SAM)’.
  • EN 50598-2 relates to ‘energy efficiency indicators for power drive systems and motor starters’.
  • EN 50598-3 is due to be released in March 2015 and is titled ‘quantitative ecodesign approach through life cycle assessment including product category rules and the content of environmental declarations’.

How does EN 50598-2 relate to users of electric motors and variable-speed drives?

EN 50598-2 provides new efficiency classes (IES) for integrated frequency converters and electric motors – known as power drive systems (PDSs). The aim is to allow manufacturers and users of industrial drives to determine the power loss of their equipment and gauge payback periods with greater precision.

EN 50598-2 applies to PDSs with a power range of 0.12 kW – 1,000 kW and nominal voltage between 100 V and 1,000 V, and the IES criteria are as follows:

  • IES1 is used as a reference value and denotes the median range
  • IES0 represents losses 20% higher than IES1
  • IES2 represents losses 20% below IES1.

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