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Which sectors rely most heavily on electric motors?

The latest issue of Engineering & Technology magazine looks at the energy consumption of electric motors and contains some interesting statistics on the industries that rely most heavily on them. In descending order, here’s the percentage of total energy use attributed to electric motors in five major sectors:

Industrial – 68.9%

It’s no surprise that the industrial sector, with its automated processes such as conveying and mixing, uses over two-thirds of its overall electricity consumption on electric motors.

Transport – 60%

The demand for electric motors in transport is largely made up of electric trains. It’s worth noting that while transport is a heavy user of electric motors, the industry consumes 270 TWh of electricity per year – under 2% of the total of all five sectors.

Commercial and public services – 38.3%

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment accounts for the majority of electricity used in this sector.

Residential – 22.5%

Electric motors contained in refrigerators and HVAC systems make up almost a quarter of the total power consumed in homes across the world.

Agricultural, forestry and fishing – 22.5%

Pumps supplying irrigation and fans in buildings for crop storage and livestock are both driven by electric motors.

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