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Why is my electric motor vibrating?

When you’re running any kind of electro-mechanical machinery, unusual behaviour from the equipment tends to set alarm bells ringing. Electric motor vibration is no exception – but what does it mean when this happens?

Excessive vibration from an electric motor often points to a bearing fault, caused by the rotor eroding it as the two components rub together. As the bearing wears away, the rotor becomes increasingly loose and vibration worsens further.

Vibration can also be down to loose mounting bolts causing the whole unit to shake. The surface that the motor is mounted to should also be checked – an uneven or unstable surface will inevitably cause vibration.

Poor alignment of the motor shaft and driven equipment is also a common cause of vibration, with even the slightest disparity putting great strain on both pieces of machinery. This can be corrected with laser alignment by an experienced electric motor services provider such as Gibbons Engineering Group.

If you have a problem with an electric motor vibrating and can’t diagnose the fault, call Gibbons on 01621 868138 or email and let one of our expert engineers get to the root of the problem. 

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