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3 top tips for saving money and energy with electric motors

Electric motors consume around two thirds of all electricity used in industry, so the scope for saving is huge. Here are three ideas to help you save energy and money on your motors.

Steady start-up

Electric motors are subject to the greatest stress when starting up as they generate much more torque than is needed to run at full speed. High inrush currents put strain on electrical components and mechanical parts such as chains, belts and gears, causing overheating which leads to failure.

In order to reduce this wear and tear, consider installing a soft starter, which enables a smooth, gradual start-up by protecting the motor from sudden inrushes of power. Soft starters are fitted with a timer to switch the current back to its normal level once the motor is up to speed.

Understand your energy use

By analysing the energy consumption of your plant or process you can discover which motors are using the most power, allowing you to focus your efforts on them. If you’re a smaller business and simply don’t have the time or personnel to carry out energy audits, why not give us a call? We’re able to attend site and perform a comprehensive energy appraisal to identify areas in which efficiency can be improved. We’ll then recommend changes that will improve productivity and reduce energy consumption.

Know when to opt for a rewind

Never scrap a failed electric motor before enquiring about the cost of a rewind. In many cases – particularly for larger or specialist motors – it will be significantly cheaper to have the motor rewound rather than replace it. For example, the waiting time when ordering a new motor may exceed that of a rewind, particularly if the equipment is being shipped from abroad.

A properly-performed motor rewind should see the machine retain its original operating efficiency and continue to perform for many years. There will be instances when a new high-efficiency motor provides a cheaper option in the long term, which is why it’s best to speak to the experts.

Gibbons’ engineers can look at your motor (or other electro-mechanical equipment such as alternators, generators, pumps and fans) and provide honest advice about the best course of action. If it’s cheaper to scrap the motor and buy a new one, we’ll tell you.

For electric motor sales and soft starter enquiries, call Paul Scott on 01621 868138 or email For electric motor rewinds, call Dave Cruse on 01621 868138 or email   

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