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4 reasons you must consider the liquid type when ordering a pump

When buying water pumps, it’s vital that you give your supplier as much information as possible about the characteristics of the liquid you intend to transfer. Here are four fluid features you should consider:

  • Viscosity of the liquid. The fluid’s thickness will determine how powerful the pump should be. As viscosity increases, power requirement will rise proportionately.
  • Chemical content. Acidic or corrosive fluids can damage certain pump parts such as seals, drain plugs and impellers.
  • Temperature. Moving liquid that’s outside the pump’s rated temperature will cause thermal shock and damage internal components such as seals.
  • Solids. If the liquid contains solids, are they stable? You should also consider abrasiveness, as rough materials will cause wear to the pump unless it’s made out of the appropriate materials. Question whether the solids need to be macerated before discharge, as certain pumps have a grinding mechanism for this.

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