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Gibbons are heading stateside!

A team of four Gibbons engineers will be continuing our commitment to international service by jetting off to the USA in April for a week-long humidification project.

Our client, a leading chemical company based in Japan, is a global producer of silicon wafers (semiconductors) and has 14 manufacturing locations across the globe, including our destination in Vancouver, Washington. We previously carried out a job in Scotland for the same customer, and they were so delighted with our work they awarded us the prestigious Vancouver project.

This project involves removing compressed-air spray nozzles and replacing them with three differently-sized humidifier systems which contain 38 atomisers between them. It’s a substantial job – one of the air handling units is the largest we have completed and has 18 atomisers, necessitating the use of two control panels in tandem.

All systems were constructed at our Tollesbury workshop before being disassembled and shipped to Vancouver in late December. The cargo arrived safely at the Port of Tacoma on America’s north-west coast, but due to industrial action it remained there for over a month. However, we’ve now had confirmation that the container has been loaded onto a truck and is on its way to site where it will be met by our engineers when they arrive in mid-April.

Look out for a full report from Gibbons Humidification once this exciting project has been completed.


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