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How to empty a swimming pool

As we await the clocks going forward this weekend, it feels like we can finally start looking forward to the summer. So if you have an outdoor swimming pool, it’s the ideal time to get it prepared for use.

Rather than just giving your pool a quick skim with a net and cleaning the filter, you might want to consider emptying the water once a year to allow you to properly examine the walls and base for cracks and other damage.

How to drain a swimming pool

A Gibbons submersible pump provides an efficient, low-cost solution to draining a swimming pool. It’s fully waterproof, so once connected, you simply lower the pump into the pool and switch it on.

Our 550W clean water submersible pump can shift water at up to 11,500 litres per hour up to a height of 8.5 metres. It’s small, lightweight and portable, so getting it in and out of your pool is a doddle, plus it’s easy to store. Plus, because it’s submerged in the water this pump is much quieter than one located above ground, so you needn’t worry about noise disturbance.

To enquire about our clean water submersible pump, including price and availability, call Matthew Gibbons on 07970 676272 or email

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  • Date: 26 March 2015 Ron gibbons
    Hey cousin ,let's see how well your sump pump works? Get me one
  • Date: 26 March 2015 Gibbons Group
    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your comment. We'd be delighted to show you the performance of our submersible pumps. Please email our Engineering Services Manager Matthew Gibbons at and let him know what you'd like.

    Kind regards

    Gibbons Group

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