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What are ISO 14694 and ISO 14695?

ISO 14694 and ISO 14695 are international standards for industrial fans, both of which were last reviewed in 2014.

As with many pieces of mechanical equipment, vibration is a useful marker of fan performance. It gives an idea of how well the fan has been designed and constructed and can forewarn of possible operational problems. These issues can be associated with inadequacies of support structures and machine deterioration.

ISO 14694:2003 (Specifications for balance quality and vibration levels) defines vibration and balance limits for all applications except those designed solely for air circulation such as ceiling fans and table fans. This standard applies to fans rated at less than 300 Kw and commercially-available standard electric motors with a maximum power of 355 kW.

ISO 14695:2003 (Method of measurement of fan vibration) sets a method of measuring the vibrational characteristics of fans of all kinds, excluding those designed purely for air circulation including ceiling fans and table fans.

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