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3 things to consider when installing a variable-speed drive

Many of the most common issues experienced with variable-speed drives (VSDs) can be avoided simply by ensuring the initial installation is conducted properly. Here are three things to consider when fitting a VSD:

  • Heat. Your VSD should be located in a well-ventilated area where the ambient temperature doesn’t exceed 40°C.
  • Moisture protection. Industries such as food and beverage production require all surfaces to be regularly washed down, so drives must be mounted in an enclosure that has the relevant liquid ingress protection (IP) rating.
  • Supply line quality. In order to avoid trips, the supply line quality should be high enough that a consistent voltage within a range of +/- 10% is achieved.

These are just three of the many considerations to be made when fitting a VSD, so why not leave it to a professional, experienced ABB drives installer such as Gibbons? Our diligent engineers cover all the bases, so you can be certain your drive is in the best possible condition from the moment the job’s completed.

So whether you’ve experienced a variable-speed drive failure or are looking for a new installation, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email for expert advice and a competitive quote.

Variable-Speed Drives

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