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The first place you should look to save energy in your business

No matter what business you’re in, reducing energy consumption is essential both as a cost-cutting measure and to satisfy government legislation. There are a great number of ways in which you can save energy, but if there’s one area to focus on first and foremost, it’s electric motors.

It’s estimated that 300 million electric motors are used in industry, infrastructure and buildings, accounting for 40% of global energy use. Fans, pumps, mixers, conveyors and air conditioners are just some of the devices driven by electric motors, so this the first area you should look at for energy savings.

New EU regulations introduced in January mean that all 7.5 – 375 kW electric motors entering the market must now be rated at IE3, or IE2 if coupled with a variable-speed drive. However, rather than order a motor with the bare minimum rating in order to squeeze through legislation, consider investing in the most efficient model you can. A new IE3 motor can pay for itself in energy savings within a matter of months, so contact Gibbons for prices on our high-performance motors for industrial and commercial applications including HVAC systems. If you’re not convinced about the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of your building or process, we can carry out a comprehensive energy audit to highlight the achievable savings.

For more information on how we can help you save money on your electric motors, call Paul Scott on 01621 868138 or email

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