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Do you know what's growing in your air handling units?

An air handling unit’s cooling coil is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and mould, the build-up of which – known as biofilm – reduces equipment efficiency while posing a health risk to building occupants.

So if you’ve never had your building’s air handling units cleaned, then prepare to be shocked. The images below show petri dish samples our engineers took from the same air handling unit 70 days apart – before and after the installation of ultraviolet C (UVC) treatment.

As you can see, prior to the system being fitted the sample is riddled with mould, and just 10 weeks later it’s almost spotless. The result of this amazing transformation is improved staff productivity and health and wellbeing plus extended HVAC equipment life. Removing biofilm sees improved coil efficiency and reduced pressure drop, typically leading to energy savings of 25%.

The Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions CoilCare® disinfection system applies UVC light to an AHU’s cooling coil, eradicating existing biofilm and preventing new biofilm from developing.

Our ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) solution can be applied to new or existing HVAC systems serving any area of a building including offices, meeting rooms and toilets. This flexible treatment can be applied across a wide range of sectors including commercial offices, hospitals and food production.

For more information on Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions and our CoilCare® system, call Andrew Knight on 07850 204915 or email

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