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Why we should worry more about indoor air quality than outdoor pollution

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has been in the news lately, with H & V News (20 May 2015) publishing a special report into the importance of using energy-efficient products to improve IAQ and ventilation.

The report made some excellent points about the need for energy-efficient HVAC equipment to satisfy the demands of the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive, which was introduced as part of the EU’s carbon reduction plan.

Lee Stones of Xpelair pointed out that much is said about outdoor air quality and the dangers of pollution, but we actually spend 90% of our time indoors, where the air can be up to 50 times more contaminated. Ironically, because we’re concerned about the threat of polluted air from outside, we’re more likely to keep windows closed and rely on air conditioning to provide ventilation.

Poor indoor air quality has been linked to health issues, increased absenteeism and reduced productivity in building occupants, so it’s surprising that the issue has not received more attention until now. Gibbons Engineering Group Ltd feel well placed to assist with all aspects of IAQ. From the services offered by our HVAC team, to our humidification systems and Ultraviolet Solutions we cover most aspects of maintaining and promoting the very best workplace conditions for staff and their productivity.

Our flexible approach to IAQ can be applied to AHUs in schools, hospitals, offices and other commercial buildings

For more information on Gibbons' range of services for fans and AHUs, call Andrew Knight on 07850 204915 or email

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