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UK water industry legislation: What is WIMES?

We recently reported on a new ABB electric motor range which has been specially designed to satisfy the demands of the latest WIMES legislation. But what is WIMES, and how do motor users comply with it?

What is WIMES?

WIMES stands for Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications and is a series of UK standards introduced by The Pump Centre in association with British water companies. WIMES is made up of 65 sections, with WIMES 3.03 issue 6 (October 2014) defining the requirements for mechanical and electrical equipment used in the UK water industry. This equipment includes squirrel cage induction motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors and synchronous reluctance motors.

What are the criteria for WIMES compliance?

The minimum standards set out by WIMES 3.03 are:

Energy efficiency

Two, four and six-pole electric motors up to 1,000 kW should be rated at IE3 efficiency or better.

Build quality

Motors should be robust and offer suitable protection against the demanding water and wastewater industry operating environment. To achieve this, an IPW55 rating is required, meaning motors must be fitted with adequate seals to prevent ingress of water or contaminants. In addition, motors should be capable of meeting the continuous duty cycles (S1) commonly found in the industry.

Environmental protection

A low environmental impact is essential, so motors must be cheap to run, produce minimal noise levels and have low maintenance costs.

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