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Don’t let staff wilt in the summer heat - call Gibbons HVAC Services

The UK is predicted to have its hottest day since 2006 today, with plenty more blistering weather to come. While it’s great to enjoy the sunshine outdoors during those long, warm evenings and weekends, spending the day in a hot, humid office or workshop is no fun. For building occupants, these conditions create a stifling environment which can lead to a reduction in productivity which is where Gibbons’ HVAC Services comes in.

We provide a wide range of products and life-cycle services for HVAC plant, including high-performance fans, air handling units and chillers. We can help you with service, repair, refurbishment and upgrade of your system and have extensive experience dealing with companies of all sizes across the commercial, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors to name just a few.

So whether your business is based in a factory, office, healthcare facility or other indoor space, we’re confident we can provide solutions to ensure you and your employees enjoy a cool, comfortable working environment while others sweat it out.

For technical advice, a quote or any other enquiries, call our HVAC Services manager Andrew Knight on 07850204915 or email  

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