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How UK manufacturers are planning to improve productivity

Manufacturers across Britain are preparing to invest in a range of measures to improve productivity, a recent survey has revealed. The research was carried out by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation and Lombard Asset Finance, who reported that 95% of companies will increase investment over the next two years in order to enhance productivity.

Along with training, recruitment, R&D, marketing and software, plant and machinery was seen as a key area for investment, with 80% of respondents planning to spend on equipment.

This investment is likely to include the installation of variable-speed drives in electric motor-driven applications such as fans, conveyors, mixers and pumps. Adding a VSD to such processes not only affords energy savings of up to 60%, but also significantly boosts productivity:


VSDs optimise the speed of a process, enabling users to maximise valuable production time and get the most out of their equipment.


Accurate regulation of speed in a motor-driven process results in a more consistent quality of end product, meaning less wastage for the manufacturer and a satisfied customer base.

Reduced maintenance

By allowing an electric motor to be brought up to speed gradually, VSDs eliminate the mechanical shock associated with instant start-up. Sudden shock quickens the rate of normal wear and tear, which could lead to equipment failure and unscheduled downtime with obvious effects on productivity.

As an ABB drives supplier for many years we know that productivity is among our clients’ top priorities and we’re always on hand to recommend the ideal VSD to fully optimise their application.

Find out more about how variable-speed drives can improve the productivity of your process by calling Drives Manager Alan Roberts on 07966468430 or email

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