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How variable-speed drives benefit the food and beverage industry

The fast-paced and competitive nature of the food and beverage industry means that producers are under pressure to maximise the efficiency of their processes. Lowering energy consumption, minimising maintenance costs and increasing productivity are among the challenges to be faced whilst trying to deliver the highest-quality produce possible. Add to this increasingly-stringent food hygiene and safety legislation plus the need to improve traceability of ingredients and it’s clear that process managers in the industry have a lot on their plate.

In order to optimise electric motor-driven processes in the food and beverage industry, variable-speed drives (VSDs) have become increasingly common in recent years. VSDs are replacing traditional methods of controlling pumps, mixers, conveyors and fans and they’re also used during packing and storage. By providing precision control of equipment with the optimisation of pressures, temperatures, flow rates and volumes, VSDs benefit the food and beverage sectors in many ways:                                 

  • More accurate ingredient dosage
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Minimised energy consumption
  • Reduced wear and tear of machinery
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Maximised process uptime

As an Authorized Value Provider, we’re approved to supply, install and offer value-added services for ABB drives in all applications, including the demanding food and beverage industry. For more information, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email

Variable-Speed Drives

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