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Just 57 companies have reported ESOS energy audit compliance

The Environment Agency has revealed that only 57 of 14,000 qualifying businesses have notified them of ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) compliance as the December 2015 deadline looms large.

ESOS is the UK government’s response to the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive, which decrees that all member states must introduce a programme of regular energy audits for large organisations. ESOS makes it a legal requirement for any business or body employing at least 250 people or one with a yearly turnover of over £39 million plus an annual balance sheet of at least £33 million to have their energy-management systems audited in order to identify potential energy-efficiency improvements.

There is concern that with so many firms still to have an ESOS energy audit carried out – which can take as long as 12 weeks for large businesses – the next five months could see auditors overwhelmed by demand. While most companies have demonstrated awareness of ESOS, it has become clear that the vast majority have taken no action, prompting the Environment Agency to send 14,000 reminder letters while hosting workshops and providing a dedicated helpdesk.

Failure to comply with ESOS by 5 December 2015 carries a penalty of up to £50,000, so meeting the regulations should be a priority for energy managers with the deadline now less than five months away.

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