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3 ways to improve electric motor alignment

Precise alignment between an electric motor shaft and that of the driven equipment is an essential element of any optimised process. Accurate alignment results in:

  • Reduced energy losses caused by friction and vibration
  • Productivity enhancements via time savings and repair avoidance
  • Lower parts cost and reduced inventory requirements

Here are three ways electric motor alignment can be improved:

Remove impediments

Be sure that the motor feet and mounting base are completely free of debris while checking for dents and burrs which could lead to imbalance. Also ensure shims are clean and perfectly flat.

Use laser alignment

Make certain that shafts are level with one another by carrying out regular laser alignment with calibrated equipment as part of a routine maintenance strategy.

Tighten methodically

When mounting a motor, tighten bolts in a criss-cross pattern in multiple passes, being careful to follow the same pattern each time.

If you’re concerned that misalignment may have already damaged your electric motor and/or the driven machinery, our motor rewinds team are here to help. We’ll collect and deliver your motor free within a 50-mile radius of our workshop in Tollesbury, Essex, plus we have an emergency next-day service available if required.

So if you’d like a quote for a repair or rewind, or to enquire about a replacement motor, call our friendly team on 01621 868138 or email

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