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5 facts about variable-speed drives

For decades, variable-speed drives (VSDs) have been an essential part of electric motor-driven processes. Here are five things you may not know about VSDs.

1. Because they are an energy-saving device, VSDS are eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances. The ECA scheme is a Government initiative that enables companies to write off 100% of the cost of carbon-reducing equipment against taxable profits in the year of purchase. Therefore, the purchase cost of VSDs is effectively reduced and allows the user to enjoy a quicker return on investment (ROI).

2. Speaking of ROI, a variable-speed drive in many applications can reduce energy consumption by as much as 60% and pay for itself within less than 12 months.

3. VSDs can start loads that are already moving – such as a fan rotating due to natural air flow – by sensing the current speed and matching it.

4. If you want to upgrade existing equipment which is mechanically controlled by a damper or valve, there’s no need to replace the whole system. Variable-speed drives are designed to be easily retrofitted into old machinery, providing a significant energy-efficiency improvement.

5. Multiple motor-driven applications such as fans, pumps and conveyors can be controlled from a single VSD unit, saving valuable space and simplifying controls.

Gibbons are a long-time supplier of ABB drives and other electro-mechanical equipment such as electric motors, pumps and HVAC systems. For more information on variable-speed drives, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email  

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