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5 more advantages of variable-speed drives

You’ll no doubt be aware of the main advantage of variable-speed drives (VSDs) – the power to precisely control the speed of electric motor-driven applications such as pumps, fans and conveyors and make significant energy savings. However, VSDs offer many other benefits, five of which we’ll look at here.

Tighter process control

Along with accurate speed control, parameters such as pressure, flow and temperature can be managed precisely with a VSD.

Programmable acceleration and braking

With built-in soft starting, drives can reduce mechanical and electrical stresses caused by surges during start-up. Dynamic braking features allow motors to be slowed and stopped in a fast, safe and controlled way.

Enhanced power factor

This increases electrical supply efficiency, with more of the current drawn used to power the load.

Good dynamic response

By quickly adjusting speed, torque and power, a VSD enables greater control in high-speed applications. It may also be possible to operate a motor faster than its rated speed.

Computing intelligence and communications

Drives can be interfaced to wider process control systems such as SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and building management systems (BMS).

Gibbons are a long-time supplier of VSDs and as an Authorized Value Provider we’re approved to stock, distribute and offer local value-added support for ABB drives. For more information on variable-speed drives, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email  

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