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5 things that affect HVAC system performance

Within any occupied space – whether it’s an office, school, factory or other building – a well-performing HVAC system is vital for improving energy efficiency, reduced operating costs and providing the best possible indoor air quality. Here are five factors that affect HVAC performance.

Blocked condenser coils

It’s easy for dust and other debris to accumulate on the coil surface, and the greater the build-up, the higher the effect on efficiency as airflow is reduced and the system has to work harder to compensate.

Inadequate refrigerant flow

Too little refrigerant in the system can cause the compressor to overheat, while an excess of coolant may overwhelm the compressor and damage it.

Clogged filters

When monitoring filters, consideration should be given to the frequency of system usage. For example, continuous HVAC use means filters should be replaced as often as every month.

Broken and dirty fan blades

Bent or broken blades significantly reduce efficiency and will need to be replaced. Fans should be checked and cleaned as part of a routine HVAC servicing regime.

Failing motor

HVAC systems contain fan motors in the air handling unit and the outside condenser unit. A motor with components such as the shaft or bearings deteriorating will not operate at optimum efficiency, which will have a considerable impact on overall HVAC system performance.

A programme of planned maintenance is crucial to optimising HVAC performance, but this can be a time-consuming process and, if carried out incorrectly, could lead to equipment problems and jeopardise indoor air quality. Gibbons’ expert engineers offer a professional HVAC services programme to ensure every element of your air-handling system is properly maintained. You’ll increase the operational life of your equipment, it’ll be more energy-efficient, running costs will be reduced and building occupants will enjoy the best-quality air possible.

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