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Air quality report makes worrying reading for building managers

A recent study published by the Finnish National Institute for Health & Welfare (THL) reveals that poor indoor air quality may be responsible for the loss of over 200,000 ‘healthy life years’ in Britain. Meanwhile, Public Health England have also announced that inadequate air quality is responsible for more UK deaths than smoking and alcohol combined, with 29,000 affected people dying prematurely every year.

A common contributor towards poor indoor air quality is the build-up of mould, bacteria and viruses on cooling coil surfaces within air handling units (AHUs). The re-circulation of such contaminants can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of building occupants, increasing illness and absence rates whilst reducing productivity.

One of the most successful solutions to indoor air quality problems is the application of ultraviolet C (UVC) light within HVAC equipment. UVC technology has been around for many years, having been used in hospitals to help stop the spread of tuberculosis during the early 20th century.

Our recently-launched division, Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions, offers an advanced UVC cleaning solution for HVAC systems. The flexible system, called CoilCare®, applies UVC light to the cooling coil of an air handling unit, destroying the build-up of contaminants. CoilCare® is suitable for use in almost all occupied spaces such as commercial offices, hotels, healthcare buildings and food production facilities and can be installed in just a few hours by our engineers.

By removing over 99% of microbial contaminants growing on HVAC surfaces, CoilCare® can improve the health and wellbeing of building occupants whilst increasing the energy-efficiency and service life of HVAC equipment.

For more information on Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions and the CoilCare® system, call Colin Hardman on 07940 544206 or email

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