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Big businesses paying for 5 power stations’ worth of unnecessary electricity every year

A report from the British Pump Manufacturers’ Association has revealed that large organisations are spending five power stations’ worth of electricity costs they don’t need. The report also claims that businesses could save more than £250 million on their annual energy bills by reducing energy consumption by just one per cent.

Pumps are the largest users of motive power in industry, but they also waste almost half of the energy they consume if not controlled properly. One solution is to use a variable-speed drive (VSD) which ensures that the pump uses only the electricity it needs to match the current load. In fact, VSDs are used to control the speed of all manner of industrial equipment, including fans, conveyors and HVAC systems.

Connecting a VSD to an electric motor-driven application can result in energy savings of as much as 60%, with the equipment paying for itself in less than a year in many cases.

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