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How to select the right pump for your application

When ordering a pump, whether it’s surface mounted, submersible or for a swimming pool, there’s certain information you should provide to your supplier. By giving your provider an accurate specification, they can match a pump to your specific application and ensure you enjoy the best possible performance from your equipment.

Information required includes:

  • Details of the fluid to be pumped (e.g. clean/dirty water, presence of solids, viscosity)
  • Where the pump will be located and the ambient temperature it will be exposed to
  • Sizing of the electric motor being used to power the pump
  • Maximum and minimum flow rate
  • Operating pressure (head) at maximum and minimum flow rate
  • Whether the system is open or closed circuit
  • Speed limitation requirements

If you’re unsure of your pump specification, the best thing you can do is to speak to a reputable pump supplier who will know to ask the right questions. Gibbons supply clean and dirty water pumps for multiple applications, including drainage, irrigation, sewage and swimming pools. We’ve supplied, installed and repaired pumps for clients within the industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic markets, so you can be assured of expert advice.

To discuss your pump requirements, call Matthew on 07970 676272 or email

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