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What does IEEE 45 mean for marine electric motors?

Electric motors used for marine applications are exposed to some very challenging conditions, which is why the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – a worldwide association of technical professionals – introduced IEEE 45: Recommended Practice for Electrical Installations on Shipboard.

This standard contains many requirements for motors used on board, including:

  • Below-deck motors should be corrosion protected, with a stainless steel nameplate, coated rotor and parts epoxy painted as required.
  • Motors situated above deck must be made of cast iron and be totally enclosed.
  • Above-deck motors must also be corrosion resistant, have well-fitting gaskets and be properly lubricated to prevent the ingress of moisture and salt.
  • Grease is a preferable lubricant to oil, as it is not prone to leaking when the ships rolls.
  • Motors used in boiler rooms should be explosion proof due to the volatile environment.
  • Rodent screens should be added to motors to prevent pests from entering and damaging internal components.

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