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What is retrofitting?

What is retrofitting?

Retrofitting is the modernisation of existing equipment by adding new parts to an old machine.

Why is retrofitting carried out?

There are several reasons for retrofitting, including:

  • To improve performance
  • To achieve production targets
  • To reduce carbon emissions and comply with the latest legislation
  • Because spares are unavailable for old equipment
  • In many cases it’s more economical to retrofit rather than replace machinery completely

How can Gibbons help?

Gibbons Engineering Group use state-of-the-art energy calculators to analyse the efficiency of electro-mechanical machinery such as electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, variable-speed drives, HVAC systems and humidification equipment. The resulting data is then used to identify equipment that may benefit from retrofitting.

We have a proven track record of improving energy efficiency and extending the service life of equipment via our retrofitting service. We have experience working in multiple sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality to name just a few. Our flexible engineering team can perform retrofitting overnight or during weekends and holidays in order to minimise disruption to normal operations.

If you’d like to discuss retrofitting for your equipment, call us on 01621 868138 or email and benefit from our expertise.

HVAC Services, Humidification, Variable-Speed Drives, Electric Motors, Pumps & Controls, Transmission Systems

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