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Electric motor-driven systems: Facts and figures

Electric motors are a hugely important component in industrial processes and applications, being used in everything from food production to wastewater treatment. This blog looks at some fascinating statistics on motor-driven systems, courtesy of the Industrial Efficiency Technology Database.

  • Around the world, over 300 million electric motors are used in industrial applications, large buildings and infrastructure.
  • 30 million electric motors are sold annually for industrial use.
  • Motor-driven systems account for 29 per cent of global energy consumption (and 69 per cent of industrial usage)
  • Electric motors and their driven equipment are responsible for estimated yearly energy costs of £238 billion ($362 billion)
  • If the energy-saving potential of motor-control devices such as variable-speed drives was fully exploited, the industry could reduce CO2 emissions by 770 – 1,100 million tonnes and save £47 – 71 billion ($72 – 108 billion)

When you consider how much energy is consumed by electric motor-driven systems worldwide, the fact that powerful technologies such as variable-speed drives are fully available yet not more widely used is very surprising.

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