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Why don’t data centre managers prioritise energy efficiency?

Data centre managers do not see energy efficiency as one of their main priorities, according to a survey from the Data Center Users’ Group (DCUG).

The study, which collected data from the 2,000 organisations making up the DCUG, found that energy efficiency was only the fourth most concerning issue, behind adequate monitoring, availability and technology changes.

The full results for the ‘top concerns’ category were:

  • Adequate monitoring/data centre management capabilities – 35.4%
  • Availability (uptime) – 33.8%
  • Technology changes/change management – 33.8%
  • Energy efficiency (energy costs & equipment efficiency) – 32.3%
  • Heat density (cooling) – 29.3%
  • Data centre consolidations – 26.9%
  • Security (physical or virtual) – 24.6%
  • Power density – 23.8%
  • Space constraints/growth – 20.8%
  • Data storage – 19.2%
  • Regulatory compliance – 10.8%
  • Other – 6.9%

These results are understandable when considered from the point of view of data centre managers. With a target of 99.9999% reliability to be attained in order to avoid paying compensation to customers, a reliable, uninterrupted service is essential. However, the vast quantity of energy used by data centres, not just to power servers but to regulate temperature and humidity, means that even small changes in efficiency can have a significant effect on costs.

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