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6 electric motor storage tips

When an electric motor is removed from storage, it should be in perfect working order and ready for operation. To ensure this is achieved, there are a few things you can do while the motor is being stored.

  • Keep motors in clean, dry, conditions, with humidity of 60% or below. Ideally a temperature of 10–50°C should be maintained to prevent the build-up of condensation.
  • In the case of motors with space heaters, condensation can be eliminated by energising the equipment 48 hours before going into service.
  • Do not store motors close to a source of shock or vibration as this can cause bearing damage.
  • Oil-lubricated motors are normally shipped dry from the factory. Therefore, they should be filled with oil prior to storage to ensure they are ready for immediate use when required.
  • Motor shafts should be rotated once per month. This distributes lubricant and helps prevent brinelling (the permanent indentation of the bearing surface due to long-term inactivity).
  • Should the motor be in storage for an extended period of time, insulation resistance should be checked and recorded at regular intervals.

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