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How to re-grease an electric motor

Electric motor failures can occur for several different reasons, with one of the most common being bearing issues. A motor must be adequately lubricated and re-greased at appropriate intervals to ensure efficient, reliable performance. Here’s our six-step guide to re-greasing an electric motor.

1. Stop the motor and disconnect it. However, do not let the motor cool down as re-lubricating while it’s warm allows for thermal expansion of the grease.

2. Clean the grease inlet.

3. Remove the lubricant drain plug and, if possible, extract a small of grease to create an exit path.

4. Using a grease gun, add the correct volume of fresh grease. Do this slowly to avoid excessive pressure build up in the grease cavity.

5. Re-connect the motor and run it for two hours. Do not replace the drain plug during this time in order to allow for excess grease to be purged.

6. Clean the grease drain plug before replacing it.

Lubrication is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to electric motor care, so to discuss all aspects of electric motor sales, maintenance and repair with the experts, give Gibbons a call on 01621 868138 or email

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