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When should you have HVAC ductwork cleaned?

If neglected, air handling unit (AHU) ductwork will eventually become contaminated with bacteria, mould and viruses, which leads to a series of further problems as time passes. For those without a regular programme of HVAC maintenance in place, here are five signs that you should have your HVAC ductwork cleaned.

  • Water damage
  • Build-up of slime
  • Presence of debris, restricting airflow
  • Dust being emitted from vents
  • Discharge of offensive odours

Contaminants such as bacteria and viruses within a ductwork system can be transmitted to building occupants via airflow, which may lead to health problems and reduced productivity. In addition, contaminated surfaces within air handling systems mean the equipment must work harder to achieve the desired performance, reducing its operational life.

While many users opt for regular cleaning, a permanent solution to the challenge of maintaining HVAC hygiene is the treatment of air handling equipment surfaces and airflow with ultraviolet C (UVC) light. UVC light is powerful enough to virtually eliminate mould, bacteria and viruses, while continued application prevents the regrowth of such contaminants.

In 2015 Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions was launched, bringing with it CoilCare®, an innovative HVAC disinfection system that applies the power of UVC light to an AHU’s cooling coil and airflow.

CoilCare® removes over 99% of microbial contaminants growing on HVAC surfaces and can be installed into air handling systems within healthcare centres, education facilities, food production areas and many other occupied spaces. Energy savings of up to 25% are achievable, while users can expect an average payback period of just two years.

For more information on CoilCare® and Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions, call Andrew Knight on 07850 204915 or email

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