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3 reasons why we love engineering

An article from The Engineer caught our eye this week (‘What gives engineering the edge?’ – 22 February 2016), as it highlighted three reasons why engineering is such a desirable profession. As engineers ourselves, we’re well aware of the merits of our wonderful profession, but we thought these three points summed it up nicely.

Making a difference

Engineering has a huge impact on the UK economy – contributing a value of £455.6 billion (more than a quarter) of Britain’s GDP (gross domestic product) in 2014. It’s not just about financial success, though. Engineering helps to ensure that the UK remains competitive internationally, while for every job created in the sector, two are produced in the wider market.

Pushing the boundaries

Engineers design and build structures and devices that change the way we live. Engineers discover ways to make things more efficient while pushing the boundaries of innovation, giving us the satisfaction that our work is essential and potentially life-changing.

Being in demand

Engineers will always be required, especially at a time when the industry is beginning to utilise the skills of its professionals across different sectors. By 2022, there will be a predicted 2.56 million job opportunities in engineering companies – with 10 per cent of these being new vacancies.

Here at Gibbons, we’ve trained engineering apprentices for decades, passing on our skills and experience to the next generation of industry professionals.

We have offered all apprentices a full-time position once they’ve completed their qualifications, with employee satisfaction meaning we maintain an impressive staff retention rate.

Meanwhile, our wide product offering, which includes, electric motors, HVAC systems and variable-speed drives, means that our engineers can enjoy a variety of challenges.

To find out more about our engineering apprenticeship programme, call Matthew Gibbons on 07970 676272 or email

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