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5 golden rules of centrifugal pump maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your electro-mechanical equipment in the best possible order. Here we’ve got five top tips for centrifugal pump maintenance that will help ensure your equipment remains efficient and reliable.

  • When aligning the pump with the electric motor, ensure the equipment is at operating temperature.
  • Rotating components should be dynamically balanced in order to minimise vibration, which can lead to premature wear and equipment failure.
  • Pipes must be properly arranged to avoid unwanted pressure or movement. If pipe strain is identified it should be corrected without delay.
  • Piping reducers must be properly fitted, otherwise air can enter the pump suction, increasing the risk of cavitation while reducing efficiency.
  • Inspect mechanical seals and replace if necessary.

If you’d like to properly maintain your pumps but lack the time or personnel to carry it out, let an experienced provider such as Gibbons take care of it for you.

We service, maintain and repair pumps of all sizes in the industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors.

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