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European heating and cooling strategy welcomed by EPEE

The European Commission’s first-ever initiative for the optimisation of heating and cooling has been well received by the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE), according to an article from H&V News (16 February 2016).

The EC presented its plan for maximising the efficiency of heating and cooling within buildings and industry – a sector that accounts for half of the total energy consumed within the EU.

The EU Heating and Cooling Strategy aims to tackle the inefficiency of heating and cooling equipment across the continent. There are various reasons for the problem:

  • Many European buildings are old, meaning they may contain equipment that’s older than its design life.
  • Renewables are not widely used in the sector
  • A great volume of energy is being wasted, as the heat generated during industrial processes and released into the atmosphere or water is estimated to be enough to cover the EU’s entire residential and tertiary heating demand.

The extensive strategy proposes the following measures:

  • Make renovating buildings easier
  • Increase the share of renewables
  • Reuse waste heat and cold from industrial processes
  • Actively involve consumers and industries

Along with significant reductions in CO2 emissions, it is estimated that the plan will lower energy costs by up to 10 per cent with return on investment of under five years. The long-term aim is to decarbonise Europe’s building stock by 2050, saving €40 billion on gas imports and €4.7 billion on oil imports annually.

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