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Problem of non-compliant pumps entering the UK to be addressed

Progress is being made in the fight to restrict non-compliant pumps entering the UK market, according to a recent report from H & V News (‘Positive news on non-compliant pumps’ - 18 February 2016).

For many years there has been an issue with imported pumps not meeting the requirements of the Energy-related Products Directive (ErPD), which sets minimum energy-efficiency standards for products sold in the European Union.

The British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) has previously raised its concerns over illegal pumps being imported into the UK, urging the National Measurement Regulatory Office (NRMO) to take action.

Following a meeting between the BPMA and NRMO, the latter has declared its intention to investigate pumps “where there are suspicions of non-compliance,” and remove those that are found to be in breach of ErPD regulations. This action will begin in April 2016.

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