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How much will my electric motor cost to run?

When you’re ordering an electric motor, it’s too easy to focus on the purchase price and the immediate impact on your bottom line. What many people don’t consider is that the initial cost is nothing compared to the considerable cost of running the motor during its 10-15 years’ service.

So before you make a decision, why not work out how much a motor is likely to cost you in electricity across its lifetime?

Here’ an example which uses a 30 kW IE2-rated motor with 90% efficiency that runs on average eight hours per day, five days per week.

1. Take the power of your motor and divide it by its efficiency for the input required:

30 kW / 90% = 33.3 kW

2. Calculate your motor’s annual running hours:

8 hours per day x 5 days per week x 52 weeks = 2,080 hours per year

3. Work out the annual energy usage by multiplying the input power by yearly running time:

33.3 x 2,080 = 69,264 kWh hours per year

4. Finally, multiply the annual energy usage by the rate of electricity (currently around 10 pence per kWh for businesses):

69,264 kWh x 10p = £6,926.40 annual cost

Assuming your electric motor has a service life of 15 years, this works out at a total operating cost of £103,896 for a machine that cost roughly £1,000 to buy. This means you’ll spend in the region of 100 times the motor’s purchase price on energy - that’s before you consider the cost of regular maintenance.

While you want to pay the lowest price for your electric motor, it’s important to look beyond the up-front outlay and think about how much it will cost you during the next decade or more. You could pay less for your motor now, but if it’s poorly made and inefficient, you’ll quickly be much worse off than if you’d opted for a more expensive but higher-quality machine in the first place.

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