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Productivity rising for most UK manufacturers – let’s keep it that way

The UK manufacturing sector is thriving, with 64 per cent of companies within the industry enjoying rising productivity levels over the last two years, according to a joint report by the Engineering Employers’ Federation and technology firm Infor.

The study of more than 150 manufacturers also found that 57 per cent of British firms expected to see continued improvements during the next two years, while almost a third declared that they were investing in new plant and machinery.

Although the outlook is bright for the manufacturing sector, it’s alarming to hear that two-thirds of manufacturers do not plan to invest in new equipment. Unpredictable energy prices and increasingly stiff competition from overseas mean that UK manufacturers must ensure they do everything to maintain current levels of productivity – which includes investment in energy-efficient machinery.

Electric motor-powered processes are responsible for almost 70 per cent of industrial electricity consumption worldwide, so upgrading to the most energy-efficient motors can help minimise long-term costs while presenting a swift return on investment.

By taking it to the next level and adding variable-speed drives to motor-driven applications, manufacturers can achieve energy savings of as much as 60 per cent. This has an enormous impact on productivity while reducing equipment wear and maintenance requirements.

As a provider of both energy-efficient electric motors and ABB drives, we’re able to recommend the ideal equipment to fully optimise applications using conveyors, pumps and mixers to name just a few. We have extensive experience within the manufacturing sector and work round our client’s schedule in order to minimise disruption.

Discover more about how variable-speed drives can improve the productivity of your process by calling Drives Manager Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email

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