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Why is humidity important in the printing industry?

Like most sectors, the printing industry is becoming increasingly competitive, which is why achieving and maintaining high-quality output is more important than ever.

Paper loses moisture very quickly when it is exposed to dry air, which is why a relative humidity of 50+/-5 per cent RH is essential. Other problems that may occur should RH fall outside this level include static build-up, web breaks and paper curl.

Even the smallest changes to the condition and dimensions of the paper can cause misfeeds and printing errors, which have a considerable impact on productivity.

These problems are most severe during hot summers and cold winters, when RH can fall well outside the recommended threshold.

By installing a high-performance humidification system, humidity levels within printing halls can be tightly controlled, ensuring consistent, quality production every time.

Gibbons Humidification supply rotary adiabatic humidifiers that include advanced control algorithms, enabling accuracy to +/- 0.1 litres per minutes. Multiple rotary atomisers can be connected to a single controller, meaning there is no upper limit to the system’s capacity. In addition, Gibbons’ humidifiers include a completely fail-safe protection system against Legionella.

We’ve delivered humidification projects for some of the world’s leading names in technology and manufacturing and high-profile buildings such as London’s Barbican Centre, so you’re in safe hands with our expert engineers.

To find out more about Gibbons humidification systems, call Steve Rix on 07966 423165 or email


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