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Why wouldn't you install a variable-speed drive?

There are so many great reasons for adding variable-speed drives (VSDS) to electric motor-driven processes – energy savings, extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs to name just a few – so why would someone choose not to install one?

A recent blog from ABB’s Energy Efficiency Manager John Guthrie (‘Is energy efficiency a stressor in your compressor? Address excess egress with VSDs’: March 2016) offers an interesting solution to this conundrum.

Mr Guthrie believes the problem lies in the fact that the people who design electric motor-powered applications such as pump, fan and conveyor systems do not have responsibility for the energy bill. Therefore it is not in their interest to spend extra money on their project when part of their obligation is to keep material costs to a minimum.

However, those who are in charge of minimising energy consumption are not usually engineers and therefore may not be aware of the multiple benefits of VSDs. It’s a catch-22 situation.

As providers of both electric motors and VSDs, here at Gibbons we’re happy to pass on our expertise to clients in order to help them maximise the energy-efficiency of their application. Our position as an Authorized Value Provider for ABB drives means that we have exclusive access to an unrivalled worldwide network of VSD products and expertise. This allows us to source VSDs from a vast global stockholding, meaning we can offer a tailored energy-efficiency solution to any application.

For more information on the benefits of variable-speed drives, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email

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