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5 reasons for hiring a variable-speed drive

If you’re looking to add a variable-speed drive to an application such as food and beverage production, water and wastewater processing or textile manufacturing, you might initially consider buying one outright. However, there are plenty of occasions when it makes sense to lease a VSD on a short-term basis. We look at five of them here.


A sudden VSD failure halts your process, with every minute of downtime costing you more money in lost production. You simply can’t afford for your application to be out of action for an extended period, which means ordering a new drive is out of the question due to lead times. That’s where leasing a VSD becomes the only option, especially if you use a same-day service from a provider such as Gibbons Drive Hire.

Try before you buy

Perhaps you’ve heard about the energy-saving benefits of variable-speed drives but you’re still slightly sceptical and don’t want to commit to an order before you’re convinced. Why not see a drive in action in your own process and analyse its performance yourself? By hiring a drive you can be certain that it will offer significant long-term energy savings and make your procurement decision accordingly.

Temporary replacement

While installing a new motor control centre (MCC) or having your plant refurbished, you may decide to keep your process running with a hire drive.

Release capital

The cost of hiring a drive can be allocated to your operating expenditure, rather than tying up capital by ordering one outright. Plus, tax relief on hire costs can release capital to be invested elsewhere in your business.

Waiting for delivery

You’ve decided to order a variable-speed drive, but your supplier informs you that the lead time will run to weeks or even months. If you want to start enjoying the energy-saving benefits of VSD control immediately – whether for your bottom line or to satisfy legislation – then a short-term drive lease allows you to have the same model of drive installed while you wait for your permanent unit to arrive.

Whatever your reason for hiring a VSD, it’s important to select a trusted, reliable provider such as Gibbons Drive Hire. We are specially-approved by leading drives manufacturer ABB as one of their Authorized Value Providers, meaning we have the expertise to help you select the ideal product for your application.

A fleet of vehicles and a team of experienced engineers are available to deliver your hire drive before carrying out installation and commissioning. If you’re leasing a drive due to a VSD breakdown, we’ll repair the failed unit and re-install it at a time that suits you so as to cause minimal disruption to your business.

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