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UK rated second-worst EU country for energy efficiency

The UK has been ranked 27th in a list of the EU’s member states’ progress towards energy-efficiency targets, following a survey by the Energy Efficiency Watch (EEW).

The EEW surveys experts from each member state every three years, asking for their country’s progress towards the EU’s target of saving 20 per cent of its primary energy consumption by 2020.

The most recent report covers the period from 2012-2015 and shows that the UK dropped from 13th to 27th, ahead of only Spain.

More than 140 UK experts were surveyed about the country’s energy-efficiency performance, with over 80 per cent of those questioned believing that the UK had made “relatively little progress in energy efficiency policies.”

Of major concern was the perceived lack of awareness of policy and decision makers as to the opportunities presented by energy efficiency. It was agreed that energy efficiency was often seen as a cost rather than an investment that could yield long-term savings.

In addition, a low level of progress in building renovation was noted – an area with great potential for the implementation of energy-efficiency measures such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system upgrades.

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