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5 benefits of using soft starters with motor-driven processes

Along with our wide range of ABB variable-speed drives for industrial and commercial electric motor-powered applications, here at Gibbons we also supply soft starters. But what are the benefits of these handy devices?

Torque control

The torque created during an electric motor’s start-up phase is much greater than that required to run the motor at full speed. This power surge can damage the motor, along with other equipment in your process. A soft starter allows a motor to accelerate smoothly and steadily, protecting your electrical system and the devices connected to it.

Reduce maintenance

By protecting your electric motor from power surges associated with start-up, you’ll reduce wear and tear on components. This not only extends its service life but also means it requires less maintenance.

Adjustable acceleration time

For applications where the same equipment is used for multiple purposes – such as in food and beverage production, being able to vary the rate of acceleration is extremely useful. Soft starters allow the user to adjust acceleration time at the push of a button.

Energy saving

Minimising torque during motor start-up significantly reduces energy consumption. In fact, payback via energy savings can be achieved in a matter of months.

Space saving

Variable-speed drives offer soft start capability along with the capacity to adjust running speed, although they are considerably larger than soft starters. Therefore, if your application only requires the start-up process to be controlled, a soft starter is a much more cost-effective solution requiring less space for installation.

For more information on soft starters and ABB drives, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email

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