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Gibbons HVAC services help you prepare for a long hot summer

Much of the UK basked in glorious sunshine over the weekend, and it now feels like summer’s just round the corner. However, while we all love to enjoy the sunshine in the garden during the evenings and weekends, spending your weekdays in a hot, muggy office, factory or other workplace can be pretty unpleasant.

Studies show that an uncomfortable workplace can significantly affect employees’ productivity. Comfortable, well-ventilated workplaces have been found to increase productivity by as much as 16 per cent and job satisfaction by up to 24 per cent, as well as reducing absenteeism.

If your HVAC system is unreliable or performing poorly, now’s the time to have it assessed before your staff wilt in the summer heat.

Gibbons HVAC Services is an experienced provider of products and life-cycle services for air-handling equipment, including fans, ductwork and chillers. We offer a complete package of service, repair, refurbishment and upgrade and have extensive experience dealing with companies of all sizes within the industrial and commercial sectors.

For further information, call Gibbons HVAC Services manager Andrew Knight on 07850 204915 or email

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