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Keeping the £200 billion UK manufacturing industry running

The UK manufacturing sector is worth as much as £208 billion, according to research from Cranfield University. The study also found that manufacturing accounts for up to 13.5 per cent of the UK’s economy, despite domestic manufacturing experiencing uncertainty in the wake of 20,000 job losses in the last three months.

The value of the UK manufacturing sector means that maintaining current levels of productivity requires investment in the purchase and maintenance of energy-efficient machinery.

Electric motor-powered processes make up two thirds of industrial electricity consumption worldwide, so it’s clear that upgrading to the most energy-efficient motors will reduce long-term costs while yielding a quick return on investment.

Adding variable-speed drives to motor-driven applications such as conveyors, pumps and mixers means manufacturers can achieve energy savings of as much as 60 per cent. Not only does this benefit productivity, but it also minimises equipment wear and maintenance requirements.

As an Authorized Value Provider for ABB drives, we’re approved to recommend the ideal equipment to fully optimise manufacturing processes. We have substantial experience within the manufacturing sector and our flexible working systems mean we minimise disruption for our clients.

Find out more about how variable-speed drives can improve the productivity of your process by calling Drives Manager Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email

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